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Tariffs  nr.16          
Welcome to our website.
Looking for a nice and relaxing stay on the Dutch Veluwe? Maybe we can offer you a location that is appealing to you.  On the outskits of woods 'Leuvense bos' between Harderwijk and Ermelo is our bungalow located on a beautiful small private park. Are you looking for rest, sunshine, the good things in life and certainly no rushing  then a stay at the Parc is must.

Active by bike or on foot going in the woods in the area.  Picking a cozy terrace in Ermelo or Harderwijk. Having dinner at Restaurant Bonaparte or perhaps in the Heerlijckheid. A week of Holiday flies right past.

the living
                                                                                       Layout of the bungalow                                        Tariffs  nr.16

Our bungalow has a typical 'veluwse' look by the shutters and the thatched roof. 
In summer it remains pleasantly cool and in winter it gives an excellent isolation . The bungalow is a non-smoking and pet-free home.
With a surface of 60m2,  the bungalow
is comfortable.
With one bedroom, our bungalow is appropriate for  max. 2 grown persons.
The shower is large. In the open kitchen there's a refrigerator, a seperate freezer, a microwave and a 5 pits gas furnace.  In the large living, TV, dvd player and midi set with usb, are present.
Inside a small shed for parking  two (E-)bikes with the possibility for charging. The car can be parked next to the door.
the garden
                                                                                          Outside in the garden                                       mailto: Fam.Jansen

Birds in the garden flying in and out, birds picking betwen the grass and if you're lucky the squirrels are running in the trees in the back of  the garden. Enjoy the scene sitting on the terrace.

The garden is situated north west with a big terrace near the bungalow and a small terrace under the trees. With exception of the two steps down to the garden everywhere it is single storey. In summer the oaks takes care of a nice freshness and enough shady spots in the garden but also the sun worshiper can find his or her spot.

the kitchen
                                                                                     The cuisine of  the Veluwe                                   mailto:Fam.Jansen

As well as at home in the bungalow doing good cooking as going to one of the many restaurants in the area. You'll find  the place where you must go again.  The centre of the municipallity Ermelo is around the corner, about 2 or 3 kilometers away. Also Harderwijk is nearby and is famous for its historic and cozy Centre with many terraces and a excellent place to find the restaurant of your choice. But also the towns in the area like Staverden, Putten, Elspeet of  Elburg are certainly worth exploring.
a look through in the garden
                                                                                        Entrance to the  Parc                                         mailto: Fam.Jansen

The Parc is low-traffic. This means parking is aloud near the bungalows but the speedlimit is 10 km/h and non domestic  traffic is kept out as much as possible. Near the main entrance ther are green parking lots.  

The main entrance has two gate-doors which closes automatic in the evenings. When leaving the parc evenings the gate opens automatic and closes it self after leaving. Do you want to enter the Parc by car in the evening then you need a personalised sensor. (The sensor is included in the rent). 
the bedroom
                                                                                              Parc Veluwerijck                                           mailto: Fam.Jansen

The Parc has 24 parcels with as many private owners. The owners are members of an association of owners (VVE).  This VVE takes care for the daily mutual business of het Parc like maintenance of the road, lights, green, etc.

More information concerning  Parc Veluwerijck is available in Dutch on the website of the Parc 
With one click you find more information about  rentals  one of the other bungalows.